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Rehearsal studio in Milan equipped with laser video lights audio

Every time a new technology comes out, a new particular special effect, here we find ourselves trying to include it in our shows, this is what the market is asking, to keep up with the times and to be able to put the ideas of a brief into practice.

This fact also happens very often while working in the “Entertainment” industry… It could be the new light fixture that has a particular function or “that” special effect, a new method of interaction with the public, more and more sophisticated projection systems, a new artist or performer with which we must synchronize … And we can probably go on indefinitely, precisely because our industry uses a lot of the lever of “never seen before” and “customized solutions”.

This puts us in front of two problems: a new effect or a new application is very difficult to explain in an exhaustive way to the customer. There are effects and sensations that cannot be conveyed in words, and even if the customer trusts us because we have been following him for a long time and therefore a particular relationship has been created, let him experience what he will feel firsthand with his audience, can be an important part of your decision-making process.

Also because these new applications are novelties, it would be important to be able to try and test them together with the rest of the show, to oil the synchronisms with other technologies and physical performers, in order to increase the degree of safety with which it is proposed and performed. This is to minimize the “good the first” and the “then we see on the spot” that you will surely be able to solve, as you have always done, but the fact remains that it takes away energy and important time that you could devote to other factors.

What we have created to be able to give support to people like you, who may have this problem to solve, is a new test studio of more than 350 square meters. equipped with a laser, video, lights, water screens, smoke, holographic, audio, a dressing room for artists, etc…

To be able to recreate the situation of the event, and wherewith the support of our technicians, to become more familiar with all these technologies. And clearly show the work in progress to the customer in order to avoid corrections or indications at the last second. Many customers have already used and tried this solution in person.

Milan rehearsal study

With this new project, Laser Entertainment wants to make available the experiences acquired in more than 30 years in the world of events, to support you both technically and creatively in the production of your project.

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