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How to program a signal laser beam

One of the most common uses of the laser, but no less spectacular, is that of the Signal Laser Beam. In practice it is a laser beam, most of the time single, which connects 2 points.

Let’s find out more about the modalities and characteristics of this special effect.

The beam can be of any colour, this factor depends only on the machine with which we emit it, green is still the most visible colour to the human eye, therefore the most effective colour under the same conditions.

Effetti speciali per feste

Does the laser signalling beam need smoke?

The presence of smoke, or humidity, is certainly a factor that broadens and increases the visibility of our beam. But being a particular effect, which concentrates all the power of the machine in a single point, it is easily visible even without the help of smoke (clearly it depends on the power of the machine in question).

Is the laser signalling beam dangerous?

Yes, the single laser beam is the most potentially dangerous use that can be carried out with a laser machine, this clearly if the safety regulations for the installation and use of the projector are not carefully followed and according to laser safety international regulations, and must always be overviewed by expert laser technicians

Can the laser beam bother aeroplanes?

Yes, the laser beam, especially if performed with high-powered machines, can annoy passing aircraft. For this reason, it is a good idea to check if its path meets an airport, and in that case not to point it in that direction, or make it “die” against some other structure. In cases of particular need, it is possible to contact the airport in question to notify them of the event and ask for permission to carry out the screening, but it is a very complex solution as you can imagine, which can allow you to screen in a given period of time that is given to you, and according to laser safety international regulations and must always be overviewed by expert laser technicians

For any further information on how to program and secure your signal laser beam, or if you want to learn more about the topic, please ask info@laserent.com

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