Holograms: communicate, amaze, involve

Holograms are one of the most innovative communication and entertainment tools. Their field of application is very wide, they have been used and tested in different contexts always obtaining excellent feedback from the audience. They allow, in fact, to characterize interventions such as the presentation of a product, the preparation of a showcase or a trade fair stand, and are particularly useful in entertainment situations.

Holographic effect with vertical Hologauze©️screen.

3D holograms: working method and tools

The production of video holograms requires complex processing techniques ranging from shooting, or realization in computer graphics in 3D, to assembly, from editing to synchronization with a sound base and with a speakered text. Each project is thought, studied and prepared individually. For its realization, we endorse different techniques and methodologies depending on the scenic effect we want to obtain and the type of location in which the projection will take place and the required size of the Holo3D effect.

We use holographic film screens with semi-reflection technique at 45º or new special semi-transparent vertical screens Hologauze©️ that can be used on different types of stages. We also have displays of different sizes, from Hoblox3D to small Dreamoc3D displays with a pyramidal shape, ideal for a trade fair or promotional uses or for individual events.

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Laser Entertainment: creativity and technology

The creative department of Laser Entertainment is formed by professionals of graphics, lighting, animation and programming. Together we manage entire projects starting from the definition of a storyboard, designed to meet specific requirements, testing them in our show room before the event, to get the set-up at the location indicated, with the projection of holograms.

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Dreamoc3D©️, pyramid display.