Special effects: our expertise at your disposal

The use of special effects specially designed to characterize an event and make it unique, is a way to impress your audience and capture the attention and to get extraordinary smoke effects.

Low smoke effect

Each special effect allows you to get a specific result, like create suspense, remark momentary details or spectacularize special occasions, such as enhancing a “reveal” for the launch of a new product. Our company, Laser Entertainment, puts its expertise at your disposal. We will guide you in finding the most suitable solutions for your needs.

Screens and smoke effects: fog screen and fog curtain

Our proposal includes the use of FogScreen©️ o di Fog Curtain. These are complex systems that allow to obtain particular effects. The FogScreen©️ is a modular system thanks to which it is possible to obtain a thin layer of retro projectable water vapour effect.

The Fog Curtain, instead, is a system that allows a uniform distribution of water vapour with low and cold falling smoke (without CO2 cylinders, without dry ice and without chiller, thanks to a new ultrasonic emission system).

Contact us, we will help you to find special effects suitable for your events.

Fog Curtain

Fog Curtain: the system consists of a series of 2 meters modular pipes and nozzles, which can be connected to each other, that evenly distribute the steam and smoke mixed to fall, generated by new powerful smoke machines VARIO 6 without CO2 cylinders, without dry ice and without chiller, thanks to a new ultrasonic emission system). The smoke screen, can be used indoors, is available in sections of 2 meters, (screen base meters 2, 4, 6 or more request), with variable heights up to 6 meters.

The texture of the curtain is denser (white) has a thickness of about 10 to 20 cm., is backward projectable at the top (from the outlet of nozzles to descend for about 1.5 / 2 meters), the projection is less sharp than the FogScreen©️, but the effect is more covering (in the sense that you can’t see what’s behind the smoke curtain), comes complete with smoke generator, high pressure connectors, dmx control unit.

Fog Screen

Fog Screen: is a modular system and allows the realization of a thin water vapour blade back projectable, with sizes from 1, 2, 3 meters large and with heights from 2 to 3 meters. It’s realized through the diffusion through one or more “Fog Screen” modules, which must be hung from a structure (such as a truss or other appropriate type).

The texture of the curtain is thinner and more transparent, has a thickness from 2 to 5 cm and the projection is sharper than the Fog Curtain, but the effect is not covering (in the sense that you can see what is behind the smoke curtain), is supplied complete with the smoke generator, connectors, and dmx control unit.

P.S.: smoke screens (Fog Curtain or FogScreen©️) can be used ONLY indoor and in situations where there is not the slightest air current otherwise the effect is completely cancelled.

raggi di fibre ottiche mostra 2019 (1)
Fibre optics:
fibre optic light fixtures, customized to create multiple visual effects.
03-Schermo-speciale-sferico (1)
spherical inflatable screens with diameters of 1,5 and 5 metres, included video projector, for indoor and outdoor use. Viewing angle 180°.