What we do

Laser Entertainment is a technical-creative service that since 1988 designs and realizes projects of visual communication through the use of multimedia technologies such as laser shows, videomapping, water screens, holograms and much more. We offer a complete service from design to implementation to ensure a perfect integration of communication and technological systems, we have been collaborating with agencies, directors and event managers for over three decades and we boast awards and international accolades.

Products and solutions

Since forever, our goal is to be a reference point for production and implementation of laser show, videomapping, systems and solutions for hologram projections, and for major multimedia events.
We want to anticipate the demands of a dynamic and competitive market with technological solutions and innovative and cutting-edge ideas, keeping the customer and his specific needs at the center of our service.

What makes us so special

Unique and special effects

Our technical-creative department is prepared to design and produce different types of interventions and special effects that will make your events unique, engaging and unforgettable.

We are particularly experienced in the realization of laser shows, videomapping, production and projection of holograms, 3D content and motion graphic. We deal with projections on special screens such as water screens, fog screens or holographic screens.