Interactive installations custom designed

We live, in fact, in times that allow creativity to measure itself with technology and to fully manifest itself through it. Interactive installations are engaging and fun experiences. Facilitate the involvement of the audience and enable them to live personal experiences.

01-interactive laser game

Lasergame with real-time tracking system

The accurate design of the experience you want to achieve and the weighed use of components such as sensors or touchscreen, allow us to create interactive installations customized and defined to your needs. Whether they are promotional or entertainment.

Interactive installations and presentations

The design and the implementation of a presentation or an interactive installation are research paths that, on the one hand, focus on the type of experience that you want to propose and, on the other, asses the appropriate technologies to its complete execution.

As Laser Entertainment we take care of all aspects, both creative and technological, necessary to create interactive installations for entertainment, the promotion of a brand or the presentation of a product.

Laser Entertainment: installations for brands and products

We manage tools and technologies that allow us to define integrated solutions in which we can combine and balance the presence of different elements.

Our aim is to allow you to offer unique and engaging experiences to make your audience remember you, your brand or your products.

Contact us, we offer a personalized and tailor-made service.