Videomapping: create wonder with visual effects

You want to make an event special? The videomapping technique is an excellent solution to characterize and customize both private events that take place in small and limited spaces, like exhibition stands, or public events with interventions made on monumental facades and buildings.

Contact us: we will help you to make your event unforgettable.

Video mapping: from concept to completion

Within Laser Entertainment we have developed the skills necessary for the realization of videomapping interventions in 2D, 3D and 4D. We take care to follow all stages of production and implementation: from the study of a custom concept to satisfy specific needs, from the definition of creative ideas up to the identification of the most appealing effects for the target.

Our creativity is also expressed in contamination: 2D or 3D projections are often associated with artistic performances and other stimulating special effects to increase the final result.

Our aim is to characterize every single detail of our videomapping interventions to ensure that it distinguishes from other similar interventions, leaving its mark.

Professional video projectors for perfect visual effects

To have total control of the visual effects of the intervention that we will carry out, we build in our laboratory 3D virtual models and models in the scale of the environmental context, in this way we can test our solutions, take care of all details and intervene in advance on the content during the pre-production of the video.

For projections, we use DLP laser projectors of the latest generation and beamers with 4K resolution. We have professional laser projectors and photogrammetry techniques for three-dimensional detection of facades, that help us speed up 3D modelling items and ensure the perfect overlapping of virtual projections on the architectural artefact. We use different types of media server such as Dataton Watchout v.6 or TouchDesigner for playing 3D video content in 4K resolutions or more.