Waterscreen, amaze using water

Waterscreens represent magical surfaces on which it is possible to make static images appear, films, large ethereal projections, and can be integrated with dancing fountains and different types of 3D effects.

Our company, Laser Entertainment, has distinguished itself in this sector: we were, in fact, among the first at European level to use this innovative technology. This has allowed us to develop the knowledge and skills necessary for the production and rental of these special water screens suitable for both outdoor and indoor use.

Are you curious? Do you want to know the details of this particular technique?

Contact us, our technical and creative staff will put at your disposal their skills.

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The realization of water screens is also possible in those contexts where there are fountains or other water catchment areas. In this case we can intervene by setting up large collection tanks modular in different sizes.

Laser Entertainment waterscreen proposal includes 3 major categories:

  • 01.

    Curtain or drop water screens (2 to 20 or more base meters, height 3 to 15-20 meters)

  • 02.

    Waterscreens fan shape or semicircular (from 15 to 50 meters base, height from 6 to 22 meters)

  • 03.

    Drop graphic screens (modular modules of 1,80 meters, height of use between 4 and 7-8 meters)

Fan shape water screen

Circular drop water screen