Digital graffiti: artistic performances in real time

How to combine the most advanced video projection technologies with artistic performance? Digital format graffiti is the solution you are looking for.

Thanks to this technique the drawings made on a tablet can be projected in real time and, with the appropriate technologies, can also be animated.

Digital graffiti: set free your artistic expression

Our digital graffiti service is the right solution for those who want to offer engaging moments and entertainment for visitors to trade fairs, events or congresses and for those who want to impress in an original and creative way participants in a party in the square or a private event.

Thanks to the technology and our graffiti it is possible to obtain special effects without using paints and colors. But, simply, allow an artist to express themselves freely.

When to use digital graffiti

Digital graffiti are highly appreciated and can be customized and adapted differently, depending on the context or event in which they are required.

For the presentation of a product, a performance of this kind can support the work of the presenter. During a party in the square, the performance could provide the possibility to draw on the buildings. Also it is possible to build marketing operations involving people to participate and share the work on social media.

The possibilities offered by graffiti art are many. Our staff will help you to find the solution that best suits your needs.