Laser show, holograms and special effects

Laser Entertainment deals with the design, production and implementation of laser shows, holograms, videomapping, large projections and multimedia events.
Our approach aims to anticipate market demands by providing you with innovative ideas, cutting-edge technologies and the latest in laser projectors and new effects.
Our solutions and special effects are designed to make your professional or entertainment events unique, engaging and unforgettable.


Laser Show

Laser shows exploit the versatility of lasers and are a suitable solution to make each event unique and special, ideally transporting your audience into a new surreal and dreamlike dimension.



Videomapping Technique to characterize and customize public and private events, with projections on buildings, sets, monuments, objects and products, which allows you to visually modify their geometry and shapes



Holograms, an innovative and extremely engaging communication and entertainment tool.



Magical water surfaces on which it is possible to make images and other types of three-dimensional effects appear.


Immersive Experience

Esperienze immersive to create engaging entertainment or business promotion situations.


Multimedia Exhibition

Multimedia exhibitions for the exclusive presentation of products or for the realization of exhibitions.


Interactive Installation

Multimedia installations that facilitate the encounter between artistic expressions and the most modern audiovisual technologies, offering the possibility of direct participation by the public with a real experience.


Special Effects

Special effects designed and made to measure to amaze and capture the attention of the public.


Systems integration

Integration of Audio Video Systems and Professional Control

Digital Graffiti

Special format that combines interactive video projection with the skills of an artist who draws in real time on a graphic tablet, it is also possible to interact with the public who can draw using iPads connected to the network.