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Entertainment for events: digital graffiti

Special effects ideal for product presentation, weddings, square parties, city festivals, event entertainment.

We wanted to talk in this article about a different form of event entertainment, developed through video projections and which can be done on any type of wall.This entertainment is suitable for corporate events, product presentations, street parties, festivals, weddings, but it is not a passive experience where the viewer only receives the “wow” effect. The special effects in question are a form of entertainment that engages the public and makes them participate.

And what are digital graffiti?

We all know what video projections are, or video mapping on buildings. Digital graffiti always uses video projection technology but is made by an artist who draws in real-time using a graphic tablet, the drawing which can then be animated using a simple joystick.

How can we use this effect?

-for a product presentation in an event, a live intervention can be carried out where you can go to support the presenter with graphic creations, rather than having a reveal moment with a performance in real time and the creation of a drawing synchronized to a soundtrack.

-for a wedding, guests could go and write messages and greeting dedications on the facade of a building, rather than on a screen, and these messages could then be stored and used for an album in memory of the ceremony

-for a city event or festivals, after the artist’s performance you can involve the whole audience, giving them the opportunity to draw on buildings.

-as a marketing operation you can go and collect the data of the people who intervene with their design, to be able to forward it via email and push them to share it on social networks

-for what we can tell you as a personal experience on the field, digital graffiti has always been highly appreciated, especially for the fact that the public becomes part of the show and can be adapted to different moods of the evening, from a product launch where we have a more technical use, to the city event and weddings where even children come to try.

The Digital Graffiti has also been defined the “Clean Graffiti”. This because it can involve young writers and allows them to express themselves without defacing the buildings of the city with paints and inks.

Below we want to share with you some photos and a video of the use of this form of entertainment.

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