Video mapping: what, how and why?

Videomapping 3D projections on buildings for events and ceremonies

We often hear many people talk about videomapping and 3D projections without understanding what they really are and what makes this technique different from traditional video projections.

Entertainment for events: digital graffiti

Special effects ideal for product presentation, weddings, square parties, city festivals, event entertainment.

We wanted to talk in this article about a different form of event entertainment, developed through video projections and which can be done on any type of wall.

What the hell is a Laser show?

laser show for events and shows

For many of you the word “laser show” leads back to the laser lights that can be seen in the disco, in reality, the potential of this technology go far beyond this use

Let’s start by saying that the laser show can be divided into 2 types, volumetric or beam effects laser show and graphic animation laser show.

How to best prepare your show

Rehearsal studio in Milan equipped with laser video lights audio

Every time a new technology comes out, a new particular special effect, here we find ourselves trying to include it in our shows, this is what the market is asking, to keep up with the times and to be able to put the ideas of a brief into practice.