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4th edition of “Villa Rufolo thousand years of magic”

Milan, 16th October 2019

Laser Entertainment realizes in Ravello (Salerno – Amalfi Coast) the 4th edition of “Villa Rufolo thousand years of magic” multimedia magic returns in the “Klingor’s garden”

Also this year Laser Entertainment has staged the multimedia path experience in the splendid setting of Villa Rufolo in Ravello, a jewel of the Amalfi Coast. In 45 minutes and a little more, you will travel through time and the history of the monument symbol of Ravello. A journey rigorously in version 2.0, totally revisited compared to previous editions, to the rediscovery of the myths that made the Villa and Ravello famous in the world. A thousand years and a world to discover: from Wagner to Reid, from Boccaccio to Escher, told by the ghost of Lorenzo Rufolo, who returns to recover the scene and above all returns to rule what was his extraordinary home.

“As a host, I am proud to have hosted you” will say Lorenzo at the end of the fantastic journey. The successful project of mapped and holographic projections, already put in place in 2014, 2015 and 2017 for the enhancement of the monument, has been rethought and adapted to the important restoration interventions that have affected the Major Tower and the south side facades. “A thousand years of magic” offers a new and unique show that already, in past editions, had met the unanimous favorite of the public. As for the past, the “paintings” will revive the steps of the artists, writers and literati that made Ravello immortal. Starting from Giovanni Boccaccio, real forerunner of the great ravellese great tour, to the many that in this place have taken inspiration: Edward Morgan Forster, André Gide, Paul Valéry, Tennessee Williams, Truman Capote, Gore Vidal…Is unmissable the reference to the visit of Richard Wagner and to the golden age of Sir Francis Nevil Reid who, although in a very different way, have changed forever the destiny of Ravello.

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