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Video mapping: what, how and why?

Videomapping 3D projections on buildings for events and ceremonies

We often hear many people talk about videomapping and 3D projections without understanding what they really are and what makes this technique different from traditional video projections.

What is a videomapping?

Videomapping technique consists of projecting onto a surface, for example, a building facade (but it can be very well used on a monument, a car, a scenography, etc..), the façade itself, to then modify and play with its geometries and unreal 3D effects.

To obtain a good optical effect and perceive real animation of these geometries we have to create an optimal situation.

-The facade must be dark, any kind of lighting would ruin the effect.

-The video projector must be powerful enough to not allow the real geometries of the facade to be perceived. This is a very common mistake, for simplicity you want to save the budget because powerful projectors are also very expensive, but this is a factor that really makes the difference between a good videomapping and an arranged one.

-A professional control system, and therefore a precise mapping of the projection surface. To make the effect more spectacular and real, it must be visible from as many angles as possible, so going to map which of the facades cannot be reached from the front is crucial. The most popular systems are definitely Watchout, Pandora, D3, TouchDesigner each one with its particularities.

-The quality of the contents, because clearly if we have good projectors and a good control system and then we project poor contents, ….so far it is useless and nonsense…

What do we mean by quality content? Definitely content in very high definition and with fluid animations. But also contextualized to where we project and with real effect, let us remember that we must give the impression that our palace is animated, so we have to be very careful about the texture and its geometries.

Where to make a videomapping?

There are many possibilities. In principle, any three-dimensional object can be mapped. So it is possible to choose two guidelines:

Media importance of the object

So monuments, domes, statues, special and renowned palaces can become the protagonists and be mapped.

Visibility of the object

Unless the purpose of the show is a video shoot, we need an object that has in front of it the space to gather a good number of people.

What we want to communicate

If the occasion is the launch of a product, the choice of the object could fall on the object itself (case of a car) or onto a moke-up of the same in case its size is not optimal.

In this case it is possible to vary from polystyrene to wood, the important thing is that the surfaces are bright, better white to enhance the projection.

Why make a videomapping?

Definitely, at the moment, is one of the most spectacular solutions for an event or a ceremony, especially when used in combination with other effects, such as a laser show.

We coined the term Videomapping 4D not by chance, because to the three-dimensional projections of the mapping we add the fourth dimension of the laser, that comes towards you and surrounds you

How much does a videomapping cost?

This depends on where you have to project it, clearly is very different to do it on a car rather than on the facade of a building, mostly for the number and power of headlamps used. So receiving a price without having provided any data on the project is not an indicator of reliability.

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