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Water screens, the magic of a projection

Waterscreen: video and laser projections onto the water

One of the most spectacular projection techniques is definitely the one on water screen. How can we make it work and where is it safe to use it? First of all, we make a distinction, there are mainly two types of water screen: drop water screens and fan shape water screens.

Drop water screen

Especially suitable for indoor events, the screen (metal bar with nozzles) is positioned at the top, and the water arrives through pipes that fish in a tank below.

The water is pushed and pressurized by hydraulic pumps, the higher the water screen, the more powerful the pumps need to be in order to have a more homogeneous water surface and suitable for projection.

Fan shape water screen

Especially suitable for outdoor situations. The water, through one or more pumps and a central nozzle, is sprayed from bottom to top forming a semicircular fan, where to project.

This solution, if installed in a water basin (lake, river, sea, etc.), clearly doesn’t need the collection tank.


Projection on fan shape water screens for the Winter Olympics in Turin

Basic elements for good projection:

-carefully choose the pump power, to optimize the size of your projection, it has not be too powerful, nor too weak. The decision is influenced not only by the size of the screen but also by the location, degree of humidity and temperature, so if you do not have a great experience, make sure to cut out a good time for technical tests.

-the projection will always be a rear projection. Front projections will have a much lower yield. For example, if you are at sea or on a lake, you should consider having a barge to be placed behind the screen for installing the beamer projector.

-work hard on the contrast of your images, because we’re not projecting on a normal screen, so normal images don’t make it right. In the case of the fan shape water screen, the focus of the image will be mostly in the center, so concentrate there on the main communication.

-the fan shape water screen is very sensitive to weather conditions, the larger it is and the more it will suffer the presence of wind. Clearly, larger areas will need to be secured and protect your audience from water spills.

Once the proper attention is given to these details, water screen projection is definitely one of the most special and magical effects that you can insert into an event.

With the right tricks and contents, in the dark you almost have the impression that the screen disappears and that the image is suspended in the void, just like a hologram.

What to project on a water screen?

It is possible to make laser or video rear projections, these two techniques have different yields and characteristics, but what is the best solution, is to use them together.

The video gives you many more communicative solutions, being able to project high-quality images, while the laser can go to take those images and give it depth (laser show), creating frames and three-dimensional tunnels where to put our contents.

However, we need to be careful with the use of smoke, which must be well dosed and positioned to prevent it from ruining the projection.

Do you have any doubts about how to use the water element for your event?

If you have any other concerns about usage, please send us a message at info@laserent.com

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