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What the hell is a Laser show?

laser show for events and shows

For many of you the word “laser show” leads back to the laser lights that can be seen in the disco, in reality, the potential of this technology go far beyond this use

Let’s start by saying that the laser show can be divided into 2 types, volumetric or beam effects laser show and graphic animation laser show.

The graphic laser show is a real mini spot, where you can go and tell a story, design a logo, reproduce an inscription. The peculiarity of this technology is the ability to draw a bright outline of the image, as shown in the example below.

The beam effects or volumetric laser show is probably the effect that most of you will recognize. In practice, they are beams and planes of light synchronized to music, soundtrack, which are enhanced by the ambient smoke with which we fill the room. Many of our collaborators and clients have nicknamed it “dancing lights”

Do not be afraid to hear about ambient smoke, there are many types, from the lightest to the heaviest, and with different persistence, therefore suitable for use both in the theatre and at a concert or into a corporate event with video projections.

Surely it is the most magical effect that the laser can achieve, they are often called “indoor fireworks” even if the laser show can be achieved without problems even outdoors, indeed the large dimensions multiply the effect.

Take a look at the video below to see an example of a laser show, consisting of both graphic and volumetric effects. The occasion was a company convention for the presentation of a product

There are many factors that can affect the success or failure of a laser show

We want to show you the main ones

-synchronization with the music, each effect, both graphic or volumetric, must be perfectly synchronized with the soundtrack, otherwise the effect could be not very harmonious and annoying. For this, we recommend professional control systems, for instance, we do mostly use Pangolin Beyond.

-choice of music and crescendo rhythm, this is also a personal taste, but for any show, a crescendo of emotions is recommended to get a better response from the audience. The laser goes well with any type of music, from classical to more intense music, thus it is able to enhance from the event in the theatre to the concert in a stadium.

-homogeneity of smoke in space. Too dense and poorly distributed smoke can ruin the effect of the laser instead of enhancing it, so you must carefully study how and where to place smoke machines and fans, especially outdoors and how to control and balance them.

-for graphics it uses the full potential of the program, importing animations from 3D graphics software, integrating videos and other light effects. But please avoid “” styles, each element must be dosed and used in the right measure.

What else…the emotion of a laser show is difficult to describe in words or fix into a video…integrate it into your event and enjoy it!

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