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BlackTrax – discover the tracking system used in events

Even more creativity and entertainment with BlackTrax. Thanks to this motion capture system, it is possible to increase the interaction between subject and contents.

One more tool for all creatives, directors and art directors who want to exploit technologies such as video, lasers and lights in a different form.

The features of the BlackTrax are multiple and adapt to different needs. From a basic use for the automation of lighting control (such as a follow spot tracking system) to the creation of real shows: such as the interactive mapping on moving objects and laser projections that follow the performer.

Derived from the movies production world and adapted to the world of live shows, the BlackTrax in fact allows you to locate with millimetre precision the position of the subjects whose movement you want to track in space thanks to IR led sensors.

These data are then reprocessed to be interfaced with the various technologies, offering up to 6 different positions parameters in real-time (X, Y, Z coordinates and 3 different rotations !!!)

Blacktrax: “Follow Spot” at the Scala Opera Theatre in Milan, Italy

BlackTrax is a technology already used by the Cirque du Soleil shows that Laser Entertainment also supplied to La Scala in Milan as an advanced lighting control system for the opera “Gazza Ladra”, directed by Riccardo Chailli and directed by Gabriele Savatores. Lighting Designer Marco Filibeck had the technical need to illuminate the acrobat representing the magpie. BlackTrax proved to be the ideal tool for creating an automated system that would allow motorized lighting projectors to illuminate the acrobat during his spectacular evolutions.

Blacktrax: one technology, a lot of uses

The use as an automated lighting control system is just one of the many possible uses of the BlackTrax. In more creative situations, it allows real-time control of lights, colours and lighting effects. Below we illustrate a number of possible uses:

Video content control

For example, by applying sensors to the dancers’ hands, it is possible to draw images or modify existing ones. The advantages of using the BlackTrax in a situation of this kind are the absolute accuracy of the show since the images would not be preset but projected in live time. A possible interesting use both for the realization of shows with dancers/acrobats and for corporate presentations with a great visual impact.

A practical demonstration of the potential of BlackTrax also took place during the three days of the MIR 2017 fair in Rimini. A ballet was staged at the Laser Entertainment booth stage where the system was used to track the movements of the dancers so that the performers interact with video content generated in real-time.


Thanks to the BlackTrax it is possible to track moving objects such as a car. The exact positioning of the car in real-time allows for example to project videos or lights on the bodywork. Obviously, thanks to this technology it is possible to trace even small objects.

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